Wednesday, October 21, 2009

MINLP Test Problems

Ignacio Grossmann and Jon Lee recently announced the CMU-IBM Cyberinfrastructure Collaborative site for MINLP.  The goal of this web site is to create a library of optimization problems in different application areas in which one or several alternative models are presented with their derivation. In addition, each model has one or several instances that can serve to test various algorithms. This effort is different from other test problem collections by requiring a description of the problem, and encouraging the contribution of alternate modeling formulations.  Thus, the actual models in this collection may be MILP or NLP formulations that simplify a nonlinear problem, including simplifications of other MINLP formulations.

As it happens, Cindy Phillips, Regan Murray and I are working on a paper that describes our work on sensor placement for water security, where we describe various MILP formulations for this nonlinear application.  I guess we should try to add our models to this repository!

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