Monday, January 19, 2009

Software Releases

I have not blogged much this fall because I have been busy managing a variety of software releases.  I plan to include further details in upcoming blogs, but I thought I would summarize these releases here:
  • acro 2.0 - Acro is A Common Repository for Optimizers that integrates a rich variety of optimization libraries and solvers that have been developed for large-scale engineering and scientific applications. Acro was developed to facilitate the design, development, integration and support of optimization software libraries. Thus, Acro includes both individual optimization solvers as well as optimization frameworks that provide abstract interfaces for flexible interoperability of solver components. Furthermore, many solvers included in Acro can exploit parallel computing resources to solve optimization problems more quickly.

  • utilib 4.0 - Utilib is a library of general-purpose C++ utilities, similar in spirit to the Boost libraries. While generally treated as an Acro package, Utilib is hosted in a separate subversion repository to facilitate use by projects outside of Acro.

  • PyUtilib 1.0 - PyUtilib is yet another a Python utility library. PyUtilib supports several Python projects under development at Sandia National Laboratories, including Acro, Coopr and FAST.

  • FAST 2.0 - FAST provides a collection of Python tools that support software testing. In it's current form, this does not really constitute a framework, but the plan is to develop a set of tools that support comprehensive testing of software tools.

  • Coopr 1.0 - The Coopr Python package integrates a variety of Python optimization-related packages. Most of these packages rely on externally built optimization solvers. In particular, the Acro software builds many optimizers used by Coopr packages.

The Trac wikis for these packages contain a variety of tools that I'll describe in more detail later...

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